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December 3, 2006

Online File Convertors

Sometimes you receive a file in an exotic format and you don't have an appropriate viewer. Installing a software just to view a file is also not a bright idea. Or maybe you want to send your OGG podcast to your aunt, but she only has Windows Media Player, so you have to convert it to another format (MP3).

Media Convert lets you convert a huge number of formats: from images, audio files (you can also split the files), videos, archives and documents. You just upload a file, select the output format, select the options and get a link to the converted file. And if a file is on a website and you want to download it in a different format, Media Convert can also help you. While the usability of the site is not very good, it's a powerful alternative to software like Super.

Zamzar offers less formats, but it lets you convert up to 5 files at once. When converting more than one file, you can download all the files in a zip archive, like in Gmail. Unfortunately, you need to enter a mail address to get the converted files, but you can also use a disposable email address.

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