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December 16, 2006

Gmail Opens in Yet Another Country: Russia

After Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Egypt, Gmail is now available without invitation in Russia. This is the third good news for Russian users today, after the launch of Google News and Google Translate in Russian.

{ Spasibo, TomHTML. }

Update. There's even a fourth good news: Google has launched Google AdWords in Russia.


  1. There is no news for Russian users ;) Google presented Google News, Google Adwords, Google Translate & GMail for us during last week. 4 cool gifts for Russia after Constitution Day (December 12th) :)

  2. Well, some people are late to the party. But at least they come :)

    Maybe these news will increase Google's market share in Russia. BTW, can you explain me why is so popular?

  3. I wish they would hurry up and launch it in Western Europe!

    On a slightly related note, I was able to create an email address yesterday, in the UK. I don't know whether this was a mistake on Google's part, or perhaps they've resolved the copyright dispute? It's horrible that people in the UK get given addresses.

    Oh, and another thing. I just went to, and it seems to be a rival webmail company! I wonder what Google thinks about that...

  4. =

    Check for yourself.

  5. Yes, I realise that, but your mail will still be sent from the address, and there is no way of changing this to show the version. Your address will show up in everybody's Google Talk contact list too, and also be there on the top right of the screen on any service that uses your Google Account.

  6. Goog post! Be happy! With luck from Russia :)