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December 22, 2006

Migration to the New Blogger Takes Too Long

Migration to the new version of Blogger, which is now out of beta, stirred a lot of controversy. The problem is that migration takes too long, or at least much longer than people might expect. Here's a balanced post from Google Groups that offers some suggestions:

Okay, so it's now been a little over 11 hours since I initiated the switch over to the new Blogger. Admittedly, I didn't think that it was going to be a couple minutes to transfer over my more than 2,000 posts, but never did I think that I was going to be out of commission for, well, 11 hours (and counting). Yes, I'm still being "moved."

(...) Blogger employees do admit that it may take longer in some cases, but I have to laugh when that "may take longer" means hours, and lots of them at that. This lack of communication with its customers is classic Blogger and something that really doesn't surprise me. Wouldn't it have been nice for Blogger to tell us that there was the possibility that things would take hours and hours for some of the larger blogs to prepare us for the extended down time? It's such a simple thing, but it's something that Blogger, for some reason, has always struggled with in my years of using them.

All the new features that the new Blogger brings with it are great. But the thing that would make this place 100 X's better is open, honest communication mixed with better customer service. I realize that we're talking millions of blogs here, but I also realize we're talking about Google. With Google shares trading at $450+, you might think they could afford to increase Blogger's staffing just a tad. That would be a huge improvement.


  1. Bleh, I switched to beta before it became the main game, and it was rather quick then.. probably just a bunch of loaded servers

  2. I love most things Google, but I have to admit I quickly outgrew Blogger. I switched to WordPress on my own domain last year and haven't looked back since.

  3. Indeed. My blog took minutes (I had a few hundred posts)...its likely that 11 hours is a server problem or something, because if you do the math 2000 posts should take no more than around 15 minutes.


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