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December 4, 2006

Read News Inside Google Personalized Homepage

Personalized homepages are a good place to start your Internet browsing, but many people would like to do more inside this space: read their mails and send replies, read news, search and preview the search results.

Google OnScreen is a GreaseMonkey script that opens each external link from your Google Personalized Homepage in a small iframe inside the page, where you can read the news and then go back to your homepage easily.

Note that script only works for the feeds added to the homepage.


  1. Thanks for that great tip!

    Just reading this in a frame :)

  2. I was actually going to write a tool for the homepage to do this.
    I haven't gotten around to it yet since i have some other things i need to do first (college...woo)

    Good to see someone else felt like this would be a neat idea!

    Another idea i had was to be able to embed a whole page into a tab at the top (say google page creator for example) to keep all your Google-y stuff together like it should be =) haha


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