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December 31, 2006

On Performancing Acquisition

I don't know if anyone noticed something strange in two of my previous posts: 2006 Metrics and Google Video Contact Manager. Both contained a reference to Performancing, a small startup that offered great products for bloggers: a nice editor for Firefox, a real-time statistics service and an ad network. I've only used their metrics service, which doesn't have all the features of Google Analytics, but it updates hourly, and shows much better information about referrals, outgoing links and ads.

Unfortunately, Performancing sold their metrics service to PayPerPost, a company that pays bloggers to write posts about products (a combination between advertorials and product placements). BusinessWeek said they're "polluting the blogosphere", while TechCrunch concluded they're offering to "sell your soul". While PayPerPost policy changed and bloggers must disclose that they are accepting payments, it's hard to trust a company that doesn't give a damn about ethics.

It's weird to see a great service in such ugly hands (this is the risk for any startup), but it's also difficult to find other service that offers the same features. So if you know a better alternative, or if you think I'm wrong, tell me in the comments.


  1. I think you're wrong. PayPerPost's hands aren't necessarily ugly. They simply fill a demand that exists amongst advertisers, albeit they're definitely raining on the Web 2.0 parade. What PayPerPost has deep down in their hearts has no bearing on how they might monetize their newly bought technology.

  2. I've used PayPerPost a few times and each time I clearly marked if I was trying to get paid by them (they do need to approve the post before you get paid). A rule I've always followed is I never posted about anything I wouldn't already have done without the monetary incentive, and I never changed my own opinion. You can say bad things as long as it follows the requirements of the post. PayPerPost even had their own offering where they wanted people to come up with fake stories about their founder. They definitely have a sense of humor.

  3. Personally, I hope you're wrong. I like the Performancing Metrics for the "quick view" stats that I get. And, considering I created the Performancing Metrics Google Desktop Sidebar Gadget (WOW that's a finger-full, otherwise know as gdPMetrics) I wouldn't like to see this service disappear.

    Hopefully PPP can improve on it, and not just use it as a way to "buy e-mail addresses".

  4. Jason Schramm,

    It is well-documented in psych literature that people like you will say they are not influenced by the money, and in fact they will believe it themselves, but they will in fact nevertheless have their judgment tainted and others will notice the taint. And it will stick.

  5. I just started using MyBlogLog which so far seems to have some pretty neat blog performance tracking features, along with social networking.

    The basic stats are free but you can get real time info if you want to pay for it. I think it's only 3$ a month which is nothing. I'm thinking about it.

    Between, Google Analytics, FeedBurner, and MyBlogLog. You'd have enough data to scare off the worlds best physicists!

  6. I had the same dilema as you, as I am using both Google Analytics and Performancing on my blogs. Free good alternatives are very rare and I can point to only 2:

    - Google's MeasureMap (hopefully out this year). This is in fact better than Performancing but at least at the current moment looks freezd
    - Feedburner - they announced that they will launch a free fully featured service this month

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