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December 13, 2006

Patent for Google Search Interface

Search Engine Land reports that Google was granted a patent for the GUI of search results pages. Of course, search engines have very similar SERPs and successful features are always copied, but now Google can sue a company that mimics its interface.


  1. how did you get rid of the blogger thingy on top!?!?

  2. Off-topic and pretty lazy from you (you could've looked at the source code). I added this to the CSS code:

    #b-navbar {height:0px;visibility:hidden;}

    For some reason, display:none didn't work.

  3. The reason why I didnt get rid off the navbar was that its all over then net that its illegal/against the TOS to hide the navbar.

  4. I would think that the owners of Baidu will be receiving a letter in the mail very soon.

  5. An attorney group said that they hired some lawyers to put lawsuits for copyright infringement against all of the other video sites when they were buying YouTube. They knew that they were going to get hit with lawsuits so they took the offense and tried to hinder any progress or advantage that any other site would get in the process. Has anyone else heard this?


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