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December 9, 2006

The Race for Optimizing IE7

IEAK 7 makes it easy to deploy your own customized version of IE7. Both Google and Yahoo try to convince IE6 users to upgrade to their version of IE7. Yahoo does that by promoting the bundle on each and every search results page, while Google bought some AdWords for "ie7".

I wonder if there's a strict template companies should follow or Google and Yahoo are completely unimaginative.

Google also "optimizes" Firefox

Update: Jeremy Zawodny, from Yahoo, says there's no template and Google copied Yahoo's page. Google changed the page and Matt Cutts wrote a short post about Yahoo copying Google.


  1. Yahoo also bought some AdWords for "ie7" three times in fact. The first Sponsored Link on the right side is yahoo, the second Link is to a page offering the Yahoo optimized browser for free, and the third result bounces back to the Yahoo download page.

  2. The link for the Google IE7 is a 404... :D should add a "/".
    The next one optimizing IE7 should be AOL I guess. (Their AOL browser is based on IE's engine.)

  3. Im not pounding on Microsoft, but at the first glance, it looked like as if there was a leak (ieak) in IE7 !
    After all, the title has the word Optimizing in it !

  4. I used to work with the ieak a long time ago in the days of ie3 and ie4 for a UK ISP, they were pretty strict then about what you could do with it and how you were supposed to promote it. It wouldn't surprise me if MS provided those images with restrictions on what can and can't be done.

  5. Google ripped off Yahoo!'s landing page - a blatant rip-off.

  6. I first thought it's just a template. That's why I wrote: "I wonder if there's a strict template companies should follow or Google and Yahoo are completely unimaginative."

    But if you look at the HTML code of the two pages, you'll notice they are very different.

  7. Google copied. Look at the image of the browser. It has the newest (beta) version of yahoo toolbar installed.

    Look under the previous/next buttons in the browser image and you'll also see a Y! that google wasn't very successful in covering up.

  8. Oh man.. Google are in obvious need of some esthetic typography and design goodness.

    Just LOOK at the shots of the before and after "Google Orignal content".

    Someone needs to be fired, and at least a couple of others hired.

  9. It's really surprising that G copied Y... but as Matt's post points out, Y doesn't exactly have a clean nose either.

  10. This is absolutely hilarious !!! What more can I say.....

    Aw, Yahoo...the cry baby...Microsoft won, so does Google...sorry ;)

  11. What about Google's alliance with Firefox?

  12. Hi there,
    It is a very good news that google finally optimized some browsers for it's users but bad news is that some users from special countries such as IRANIAN people can not download it from google website.
    It sounds that We (Iranian People) must punished for our government activity.
    Sorry for GOOGLE

  13. Sorry to hear that, Shahram. What are the pages you can't access? Are you sure Google is blocking them and not your ISP?

    This version of IE7 only includes Google Toolbar, which can be downloaded from many sites, including:



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