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December 7, 2006

Google Online Assessments

Google Online Assessments is an unreleased Google service that will allow students to write homeworks online. Judging from the external resources, the site will let you write essays, take tests, interact with examiners.

At the moment, the site shows a big "access restricted" warning, but we know they're working on it.

{ As seen on Googlified. }


  1. No more screenshots! :(

  2. The page seems to have magically "disappeared"... :(

  3. I saved a couple of things from the site: the logo, a JavaScript file and a CSS file - in this archive.

    If you find something interesting in the code, please let me know.

  4. I extracted your archive and looked at the files. There really wasn't anything significant about the HTML, there wasn't anything hidden or anything. The Javascript was obscured, so I couldn't get much out of it except that there is definitely some calendar in it. The interesting part is the CSS. They were really nice with comments and each section had /* Loading Style Sheet file -----.css */ The dashes are this list I have below.
    essay_grader (there was also a class called mistakes)
    ( there was some comment about a calendar )
    Also, if you go to you'll see Google's standard Error 404 Not Found page. This looks just like that on But, this is on, and they have a different 404 page (try, which looks nothing like goaexam's 404 page. Therefore, it's still there, they're just hiding it. Also, if you pass goa as service in Google's login page, you get this, which seems like a valid login to me. Google Online Assessments is definitely something real.


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