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January 8, 2007

Google Is the Best Company to Work For

Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" places Google in front of the pack. The company offers free food, massages, yoga classes, volleyball courts, pools, babysitting, haircuts - everything to make you feel good and able to work hard. "Work is such a cozy place that it's sometimes difficult for Google employees to leave the office, which is precisely how the company justifies the expenses, none of which it breaks out of its administrative costs."

This video from NBC should give you an idea about Google's unique corporate culture and here's the top 100.


  1. I wanna work for Google!!!!!

    A frustrated, under-appreciated developer.

  2. It's not just Fortune, everyone feels that... Google is the BEST company to work with!! :)

  3. I echo those comments. Google team, thanks for all of your innovations both inside your office, and outside to the public world. Keep it un-evil!!


  4. how can i send my CV ?

  5. ill be so greatfull 4 whom who gonna give the way how to send my CV...

  6. and plz inform me @ my mail zamina_0@hotmail.

  7. is it like, you work for 1 hour and you get a 15 min. spa or is it like, "SPA TIME" and then back to work or is it, i wanna go to the spa and then work.

  8. Google is another great example for a company which completely ignore your CV.
    I bet they receive thousands of applications but still when you apply for 10 jobs at them and get no response its a bit disappointing.

    I guess your best chance to get jobs at google is to have ur daddy work there and put u into position...

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