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January 30, 2007

Google Reader Shows Embedded Videos

Google's feed reader lets you view videos from YouTube and Google Video, if they are embedded in a post. Until now, the feed should have contained enclosures, which is not possible in many blog softwares, including Blogger.

Feed readers ignore some code (embedded objects, JavaScript, iframes) for security reasons. Google Reader made an exception for YouTube and Google Video, but they should consider other online video sites and even other kinds of content.

{ Thank you, Huw Leslie and Rick Silva. }

Update: Google says you can view embedded videos from other sites like MySpace, Metacafe, Revver and more.


  1. Google reader is awesome .. its the coolest product which google has rolled out

  2. There's another online lightweight RSS feed reader that handles embedded video quite well:

    One of the most popular feeds on it is the Google Video Top 100 New Videos:

    (This is a project that I've been working on for a couple of months now. It's optimized for easy and casual reading.)


  3. Gabriel, your feed reader looks very nice, but I could find videos that don't play directly in the page (for example:


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