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January 19, 2007

Picasa Web Tag Cloud

Picasa Web Albums, the online extension of Picasa, has recently added tags and search. Now you can see a tag cloud in the right sidebar of a public gallery (instead of increasing the font size for frequent tags like in Flickr, Google chose to show the number of photos that have a certain tag). This way, it's easier to explore someone's photos without going to each album.

The number of photos you can upload to an album has been increased from 300 to 500.


  1. How can I see a full list of tags once I've got more than 10?

  2. I made a simple code that generates a cloud of tags for an userID.

    i made it in just one hour, so, forgive me for the php errors when the system can't find the userID :)

  3. How do see all of the tags (not just the top 10)?

  4. Would this also be possible for the offline version of Picasa? I'm looking for a tag cloud in the offline version, which I use to organize my photos.

  5. Tag cloud in offline version of Picasa please. I don't know why Google hasn't done it yet...


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