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January 16, 2007

Fake Google Belarus Homepage

The top result for [Google Belarus] is a site that mimics Google's homepage, but also adds some personal touch. The site can be found at, while Google's localized version for Belarus is available at

All the localized versions of Google are listed here.

{ Thank you, Eli Lansey. }

Do you know other sites that have similar addresses (, but don't belong to Google?


  1. John Battelle noticed the page one year ago. Little has changed.

  2. I noticed this page too just the other day whilst investigating which other Google domains I could hijack using that Blogger security hole. (At first, I thought I'd stumbled upon a new UI experiment.)

    Incidentally, when they fixed that security hole in Blogger, they made the assumption that Google owned all google.* top level domains (subdomains like google.example.* are still allowed though) - so even if the owners of wanted to host a Blogger blog with their Custom Domain, they wouldn't be able to. The same goes for blogger.* domains (including non-existent ones like and gmail.* (even though they don't own for example) and probably others too.

  3. A list of all google.* domains reported by enom. Which of those do not belong to Google?

  4. What is the method of searching in specific country? is using &lr=countryBY I can find the way to search in Belarus via original

    Anybody knows a solution?

  5. Google in a Flemish dialects...
    From Antwerp:
    From West Flanders:

  6. i know that didnt belong to google several months ago! if you use the website, you can see that another local search engine bought google's domain. lol. i wonder how they solved it, or how much was it :)

  7. belongs to ActiveMedia (Belorussian company) who claims to have registered the "" trademark. Check out this Russian news article from August 2004:

  8. Google Macedonia doesn't belong to Google and it is owned by some design studio.

  9. how about this one:

  10. well is mine and all my family and friends and at work using my site it like google and its fatser then try it out no graphics and thats why i like my
    if some 1 willing to help me to redesign the site and use a powerfull search engine welcome you can e-mail me by going to and hit contact us
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  11. would you sell your

  12. is very fast in my country and i guess other places would be more faster
    i made it my home page thanks for your info.

  13. is a fake?

    I use normaly 'cause I'm in canada but I'm also in Quebec/Canada so I found this one but is it a fake? And what if?



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