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January 30, 2007

Google Video Recommendations

Google Video shows a full page of recommended videos. "Recommendations are based on your search history, ratings and viewing patterns."

Like in the Interesting Items for You Google gadget (what a long name!), Google mixes videos popular in your region with videos related to what you usually watch.

For each recommended video, there's a "Not interested" button that removes the video and might improve the quality of Google's recommendations in the future.


  1. Google needs an already seen it button like Amazon has an already owned button. Because out of their recommended videos, I have seen about half through other sites and I have no interest to re-see the video just to get better and new recommendations.

  2. You shouldn't see in that list already watched videos. Or at least videos watched on Google Video.

  3. After you use the google video recommendations feature a couple of times it just disappears, never to return. Really disappointing...


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