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January 25, 2007

Google Shows More Answers

Google tries to be helpful and crawls all kinds of documents to show direct answers when you type a query. The feature called Google Q&A uses artificial intelligence to automatically discover patterns in web pages.

Lately, you can see direct answers for much more queries. For example:

But Google's AI technology is not perfect and, although they try to use more sources to make sure they're on the right track, this doesn't happen all the time. Google trusts a lot of obscure wikis and profile pages, who fail to provide meaningful information outside their limited scope.

  • text file -> To escape
  • file size -> Used for
  • field name -> Name of file, no path. Must be unique within topic
  • file user->The REMOTE USER, Not WikiName
  • Victoria size-> Height: 5'6" (the answer is from an escort site; I was trying to find how big is Victoria, a state from Australia)
  • Katie's education - High School (Katie is a user of the social network
  • Eric's favorite runs - Upper Yough, Upper Gauley, Sec IV Chat, Watuga (Eric is a user of a whitewater site)


  1. The ones that you showed as examples of mistakes in the AI seem to only show the search results when I try them. Perhaps Google has fixed them since you posted this?

  2. And if you look at the top right of the page, where the seconds that google takes to display the search results, you can see a link to, didnt you notice of that?

  3. This does not work with the norgwegian version of Google :(

    But it is a cool feature though!


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