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January 25, 2007

Recommendations for Google Gadgets

You know the famous Amazon's recommendations: "Customers who bought this item also bought...". Google has recently started to appreciate the concept and you'll see more and more recommendations. You can already see similar pages for a search result, interesting pages and searches, customized news in Google Desktop. Now you can get recommended gadgets for your personalized homepage.

For example, if you like Gmail gadget, you might like these gadgets as well. The gadgets are determined statistically by looking at people's preferences and finding the most popular gadgets used by those who like one of them.

Google shows a link that says "You might also like..." if you click on a search result in Google's directory, although this is not enabled for everyone. Meanwhile you can try it here, by entering the URL of a Google Gadget (you can find it by doing a search and copying the green URL displayed for each search result) :

Update (February 20): The new feature seems to be live.


  1. Google also has the interesting items for you gadget that suggests gadgets you might like.

  2. I mentioned about it in the post. It shows: searches, pages, gadgets and videos. There's also this page that shows the same stuff.


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