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January 31, 2007

Google Fensi

Fensi seems to be the name of a new Google service, but there aren't too many details about it. The only contexts I could find are:
Who do you know?
What are you looking for now? Just come on, join Fensi right now.
Join Fensi, and you'll never be bored!

It may be a game, a social network or something completely different.

Update: here's a screenshot with these messages from Google's translation program.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Indeed, where is this information from? Link?

  3. It's from Google in Your Language, a service used by Google to translate the text from its sites in more than 100 languages.

    Using this service, someone noticed that Google would show live results from the World Cup.

    There's no direct link I could show, but here's a screenshot from "Google in Your Language".

  4. "A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying returns to investors out of the money raised from subsequent investors, rather than from profits generated by any real business. A Ponzi scheme offers high short-term returns in order to entice new investors, whose money is needed to fund payouts to earlier investors, and to lure its victims into ever-bigger risks."

    I don't see the connection.

  5. It's quite likely that Google would replace an actual product name with a nonsensical one like "Fensi" to avoid any leaks. Since service names wouldn't usually get translated anyway, this wouldn't necessarily affect the translations either.

    Regardless, I'd say this suggests a new Google social space is on its way...

  6. Fensi...isneF...

    Get it?

    Me either.

    It sounds like the algorithms are fighting back.

    What are you doing, Dave?
    You don't want to do that, Dave.

    Seriously, though. This is why I love Google.

  7. FakE Name for Secret Info?

  8. I think the name is catchy, maybe even fancy :)

  9. I asked my wife 'cuz it sounds vaguely Pinyin Chinese, and she says it means "Fans".

    Google Fans, is that Niniane's project? :)

  10. Fensi indeed sounds like Fans in Chinese and is more commonly used in Taiwan area. Would it be a kind of Taiwan orkut?

  11. On Garett Rogers' Blog there's a link to and a screen shot. The link did not work for me though, did you have any luck?
    What is uncommon from the screen shot is the font. Google always uses arial or something like the sort, but definitely not the one shown in that shot, where did that screen shot come from?

  12. Where is

    "What are you doing, Dave?
    You don't want to do that, Dave."

    from? I can't remember and it's driving me crazy! :)


  13. On Garett Rogers' Blog there's a link to and a screen shot.

    Yes, that's my screenshot. I posted in a comment above.

  14. Why is Google Talk the second result when I search for [Google Fensi]? Does "Fensi" mean "talk" or "chat" in some language?

  15. Interesting. The translations for Google Accounts have been removed (these messages were there).

  16. Ionut, why do you always have to sound condescending when you correct people.

  17. i believe its google's new operating system :D

  18. What google product was this translation found under?

  19. I think it was for "Google Accounts". I remember that the service was removed from GIYL a couple of days after this post.

  20. wow
    it still a mistery

  21. I use Orkut for social networking,orkut is the best networking site.i think google dont need any other site for social networking.


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