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January 3, 2007

Create a Secret Personalized Homepage

Yesterday someone asked me how to remove the tabs from the personalized homepage. While there's an easy way to hide the tabs in Firefox, this personalized homepage won't have tabs.

Tabs help you organize your feeds and gadgets, but you may want to have a really personal homepage that you'll never read at work or in an Internet cafe.

Google-Dell start page keeps the old look of Google's personalized homepage, doesn't have tabs and saves all the settings in your Google Account. To add gadgets, find them in this directory, copy the source URL and manually add it to the Dell page.

You can also use Google-Gateway start page or create a page using Google Apps for Your Domain.


  1. You could also try another personalized home page service. Shameless self promotion follows:

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am one of the developers of this, but it will let you mark tabs as private and nsfw. When viewing your public page, your private tabs and feeds are not loaded. When logging in, you have the option to disable loading of feeds/tabs marked nsfw.

  2. Y'see, i knew about the Dell IG page, but the Gateway page is news to me (Gateway is also news to me, sounds like a decent company so far).
    That Gateway page looks mighty fine as well.
    Now i just need to find a good use for it! ;)

    Actually, wonder if i could add a gagdet into the Dell page, can you add them through the create a section, i can't remember... :|
    I just want to add one in to remove those tabs, hehe.

  3. Here's a simple way to remove the tabs in Firefox (it should also work in Opera somehow):

    Add this to userContent.css in your Firefox profile. The file doesn't exist by default, so you should create it in C:/Documents and Settings/(Username)/ Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/ Profiles/(profile name)/chrome.

    @namespace url(;
    @-moz-document url-prefix( {
    #tabs {display:none;}

    Then restart Firefox.

  4. I'm curious - Why would anyone want to do this? What is so secret about it?

  5. You use the same Google account and get two extra homepages. Maybe you don't want to be seen reading your competitor's feed at work.

  6. Or in a very likely case, you have RSS feeds to adult websites, or those of the nature that you don't want friends or family to know about >_>

    Just a shame it doesn't work the same way with notebook *stares at Private Notebook* >_>


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