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January 23, 2007

Google Lost for a Few Hours

I am the person in question registering the domain with Goneo, although it did happen inadvertently. I showed my girlfriend how one of my domains had been taken over by somebody else with the Goneo ordering system - but before entering my contact details, I went back in the ordering process and registered a different domain. Somehow, the Goneo system must have received both domains to register...

- The accidental few-hours owner of

Last night, Google's German site was replaced by a weird image that linked to Goneo, a web hosting company from Germany. The reason? Someone requested the domain from Goneo, who sent the request to German's domain registry and to the owner of domain, as known as Google. Unfortunately, Google didn't answer in time and the site was transfered to the solicitor. When Google was about to get its domain back, a similar request was approved and Google lost the domain again. But only for a few hours, because at around 7.30am German early-risers could use again.


  1. "Unfortunately, Google didn't answer in time and the site was transfered to the solicitor."

    Didn't answer in time? How long were they given? Why were they even asked?! It should be assumed that the owner of a domain wants to keep it unless they explicitly say that they don't.

    That is ridiculous.

  2. Really Interesting...............

    and I can't believe it. Sometimes accidents happen.....


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