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January 10, 2007

Google Digital Portfolio

R. Barkey sent me this:

I urgently need a digital portfolio with content like:

* ID-card,
* Curriculum Vitae,
* Competences,
* Video message,
* picture gallery,
* presentation

All to inform companies, schools, internship providers etc. on line.
It is a big need everywhere in the world to achieve a better and happier life and I foresee that it will be used as we use e-mail or a blog or other interactive applications. Why not a Google Product?


  1. I have a Google Page that I think incorporates most of the things that R. Barkley mentioned: CV, video clip, contact info.

  2. Outch, that could get hairy .... I could just put one up claiming to be you :-). If you want to see an interesting resume online, search for [Berkeley Softworks resume] - it answers the "where" he worked very nicely :-)

  3. What you need is what offers, but currently only in Dutch.

  4. Anyone can use Google Pages to create an ePortfolio to include all of the component indicated by Barkey and also include a resume, proof of compentencies, and reflections.

    There are open source projects such as that allow users to create their own portoflio online following a template.

    It would be nice if Google created something along the same lines that could then be integrated within their Apps for Education

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