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January 23, 2007

The New Google Groups Is Out Of Beta

The slick new Google Groups launched in October last year and available at is now out of beta and moves to

You'll find a cleaner homepage, search results that look more like web search results, topics that borrow a lot from Gmail's conversations. Each group has 100 MB storage space you can use to upload files or to collaboratively edit documents. Groups are much more customizable: you can change the colors and add welcome messages.

Now Google should focus on creating some filters for spam posts and a way to discover potentially interesting groups.


  1. Hi,

    New Google groups are wonderful. It has lots of new features. But I'm facing problems with file upload-download. We can upload without any problem, but can't download. Download process stops midway through. Does anybody knows how to solve this problem..

  2. On a related note, I was creating a group of my classmates today. and I had taken the pains to create a separate contacts group in my gmail account thinking I could export it as csv and invite them easily. But Gmail's export lets one to only export the whole contact list and not just one group! :-/

    Also, I would like it if google implements the auto suggest that is there in the Gmail contact group edit/manage page in the groups invite box so that I can easily add contacts who are already in my Gmail contact list.

  3. I don't if it's just for me. But Groups (ex-) Beta messes up with replies to posts that have quotes posts in it.
    Specifically it attaches the text from the last line of the quoted snippet to the newly quoted text.
    For example:

    > hello

    when hitting Reply, becomes:

    > > helloyoyo


  4. Here's what I see when I search for "new google groups" (this is the Google Groups OneBox). There are people who hate this update, but also people who hated the previous redesigns.

  5. While fiddling around, I noticed something..the steps I did are as follows:

    1) Admin creates a restricted, admin approval required group
    2) Admin sends invite to X
    3) Realises X's email is wrong and unsubscribes the email, which is actually Y's, using the open invitations option/link
    4) Y checks inbox and clicks on the join link. And voila it works and he attains group membership! In my opinion, it shouldnt.

    I am pretty sure this is a bug..what do you think? Probably existed even in old groups but I checked if this bug existed only now..

  6. I'm annoyed that the non-beta still forces all groups to default to "read only on the web," which is NOT how most people like to use mailing lists. Group owners should be able to choose the default setting. It's pretty much unusable for my target audience till they fix this.

  7. Some bugs have been found with the new Google Groups 3 (GG3):

  8. I also can upload files but cannot download files. That's too bad.

  9. i have created a google group

    earlier i could see the preview of the mails being sent for moderation

    but now i only get to see noname as an attachment (in my inbox) and no preview

    how do i check whether the mail contains pics i dont want to allow for approval

  10. I've also repeatedly experienced download problems on files larger than say 1Mb. The download will stop with a 200 OK but the file is incomplete. The downloader does not know the size of the file it is downloading and cannot check if it has completed.
    I tried a number of downloaders (Firefox, IE, Meta Express)

  11. I'm not able to download files too. Are they solved this problem?

  12. Messages cannot be deleted
    Profile cannot be edited
    Close topic doesn't work.

    This is a completely useless messy buggy applicacion.

    Don't use it.

  13. I found the worst thing was when I started a group relating to my company and left it as a forum, but never really used. Next time I visited it was filled with spam and explicit links and text. The default setting says anyone can be a member and anyone can ammend comments and content - what a big mistake. I know it was my fault for not changing the settings but I bet many others have had this problem.

    Also, I have ticked to change the group from 'Adult Content' to 'safe content' on at least 50 different occasions and it's still not been done, rendering my group useless.

  14. Google's this services is amazing and very interesting.i use Google Beta and i like it.


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