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January 7, 2007

Using Google to Search Your Bookmarks

If you use to save your bookmarks, you might want to search inside those pages, not just their titles, tags and descriptions. While you could import them into Google Bookmarks, there's an even more interesting solution: create a custom search engine from your bookmarks.

Vik Singh, who helped Google build the Co-op platform, developed a powerful tool that does more than only importing your bookmarks:

* it generates refinements from the most important tags using a machine learning algorithm

* you can expand links that point to a site, so you can search the entire site

* you can restrict the list of bookmarks to a single tag

* boost the ranking of a page depending on the number of bookmarks.

Google Custom Search Engines
Add search to Google Reader

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  1. Another way to search on sites saved on - use deliGoo ( deliGoo can create custom search engines by your demand from any user's bookmarks and/or tag.


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