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March 9, 2006

Ubuntu: Probably The Best Linux Distribution

Ubuntu has been voted the best Linux distribution on the market by the users of 2500 users voted in a site poll, 19.5 percent voted for Ubuntu as the Linux distribution of the year, narrowly beating Slackware, which received 19 percent of the votes. Other voted distributions: Suse (13%) and Debian (10%).

In November 2005, Ubuntu Linux 5.10 was awarded an editor's Choice award by ZDNet UK, beating commercial distributions Novell Linux Desktop 9, SUSE Linux 10, Red Hat Desktop 4 and Mandriva Linux 2006.

Ubuntu also won the Best Debian Derivative Distribution award in a ceremony at Germany's Linux World Expo in November 2005. In October, it was awarded the Reader's Choice Award by Linux Journal and the Reader Award at the UK Linux & Open Source Awards dinner.

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