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November 23, 2006

Google Video Recommendations

Remember the gadget called "Interesting Items for You", that shows recommended web searches, pages and gadgets? Now you can also get video recommendations. And if you click on the thumbnail, a small video player will appear.

It would be nice to see recommendations in Google Video. People are always happy to see there's something just for them on a site.

The gadget for Google Personalized Homepage is available here.


  1. I thought something didn't look right, i noticed it last night there when adding some stuff to my page.
    Wonder what video i have on there now... 4chan Habbo Invasion..interesting.

    I'm thinking of making a few tools for iG sooner or later (just need to finish some college stuffs before i delve into that yet)
    One of them will be to add a page as a tab (say Page Creator or your blog?)
    I've noticed a tab that had page creator in a feed and thought "holy crap thats too small!"
    So who knows, it will be easy enough to code it though, hide the main div and inject a few bits of code

  2. Two things regarding Google Video:

    1) I had noticed this video feature in that gadget of my personalized home page probably a month ago, or so. That's not to be interpreted as 'knew that'. I mention it because sometimes Google puts out test features amongst certain geographies and users prior.

    2.) Something I just noticed on Google Video while searching for videos (on Artificial Intelligence) were SRPs and the hits withinin the results had "start video from the words "artificial intelligence at 13:47" and clicking it of course put the video in the screen at that moment. While watching that video you see the written transcript rolling on the bottom as well.

  3. Tom, you're right. I've seen the video tab for a while, but it was blank, so I thought it wasn't active.

    I wrote about the captions and the new search results in Google Video.


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