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November 12, 2006


elgooG is a site where you can find Google's homepage in the mirror. Everything is in reverse: "I'm feeling lucky" button has focus, you must enter your query in reverse, the search results are displayed backwards.

To balance the server load, the site uses multiple mirrors, so you'll notice a little delay before actually visiting elgooG.


  1. wow.. its been a good couple years since i've seen this re-surface, nice re-find!

  2. How about typing a palendrome, like "lol" and "racecar"? ;)

  3. Now we've really got something!! I'm thrilled!! You really don't know how long I've waited for this!!!

  4. That has been around for years, get with the times.

  5. Its funny, I just brought a USB mirror attachment for my laptop that fits snuggly on the side. Now I can finally put it to good use :D

  6. LOL.. Love the comments here...

    So... why and what is the point?

  7. Because it's funny and strange and it asks you to use your mind a little.

  8. .looc si sihT .sdrawkcab gnith yreve ta kool ot taen si tI .aedi eciN

  9. sir anonymous.. you mispelt thing .. gniht

  10. never trust spell check :P

  11. looc tub driew si etis siht

  12. This site is weird but cool from kritty j

  13. y is everyone posting stuff on here there's no point!!! oh well it stalls time from kritty j

  14. this elgoog things pretty cool i dont reeally see the point but its neat

  15. Its for the outrageously censored people in china.

  16. you guys are all squares im in school right now im in 3rd grade. duuuuude.

  17. !!!emal m'i ,em ta kool

  18. lol! AWSOME!!!!! to bad it doesn't work.

  19. !emosewa si Google ?oturan fo draeh reve uoy evaH

  20. yes, I have heard of naruto and it is one of the most popular shows here in Herndon Virginia. Have any of you heard of Google Earth? It shows pictures of the whole world from back in 2001. And the coolest thing about it is that it's actually a globe. Not flat, but rounded. It is pretty weak above any continent except North America. I will be coming on here often and hope somebody does respond.

  21. !naf gib a mi , sk'cor Oturan


  22. I think that it is really cool that u make people excersize their least they are doing something...

  23. Has anyone seen the google earth where the earth is back to front and you are stuck inside the earth and you are surroned by cities like new york, paris, loas anglers and France. Its weel weird and make me sick.

    yzarc gniog mi

    there would be no way of entering space unless u r already in space and the earth is the walls of the universe and the inside is space but that is crazy and it isnt really back to front its inside out ye inside OUT or inside in outside in thats it because space is outside and then its in so ye its kinda like this elgoog thing you got going here but crazy and it was made by some crazy kid even crazier than me he probaldly drinks coffee all day sorry for not using full stops but im typing everything that comes into my head and i dont think

  24. ....full stops when im thinking of that crazy htrae elgoog. Im currently watching the slammer its a really bad kids tv show in britain about these poformers who are locked in a prison by some fat strangely happy fat man who wears a gold bow tie the proformers need to pofom to the easily impressed kid audience and the annoying thing is that some wannabe emo bannd is on it every week im not saying emos are cool but i hate them but ye there some new band trying to get money by folliwing a fad and there trying to be punk also but new punk is total crizzers and punk died at the start of the 80's. riht now there are some dancers there really bad all in white tuxseeedos and they think there cool i want that monkey man to win yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee

    im not at all crAzy lloloa some kid is singing rocking robbin wtf its nowhere near christmas idio and he is rea;lly bad and im going to chANGE THE CHANEL OH great a cookery show theres far to many of them on bbc nowadays all on bbc2 too so there is nothing at all on bbc2 expect for those idiotic cookery shows i pay for this bs

    great on channel 4 deal or no deal that has to be the most overratted pile of horses litter i have ever seen

    this elgoog is really old the new one is htrae elgoog i

    my thunderbell alarm clock gets my up in he morning i set it on high setting and it is quite loud another cookery program on itv what the hell ogmso omcw this is annoying some italien pounce and anthony the fat chef with the ginger hair who is gettin bald

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  26. this is awesome i live in oregon nothing cool up here like this

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  28. !!!reve gniht tselooc eht si sihT

  29. I think elgooG is a great idea, purely because it's funny and pointless.
    I got a PS3 at midnight the day (or night) it came out. It was awsome! And because we registered as soon as we got home, we got a free copy of Casino Royale on blu-ray. Cool, huh?
    But you don't have to agree with me, I've just finished my Year 9/Grade 8 tests. Finally!

  30. Oh, and by the way, it came out in March here in England.

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    ta derob mi elihw htiw ssem ot
    lac*ron love .krow

  32. why is every saying it's cool?. It is, but, it gets a bit boring