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November 23, 2006

PortableApps Suite

PortableApps Suite is a sort of Google Pack with portable versions for important software. You can get Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Gaim, ClamWin Anti-virus and more in a single download and then copy these applications to your USB Flash drive. There's even a replacement for Start menu that lets you launch the applications.


  1. very useful stuff there! thanks for reminding me of this place =].. really helpful for when at school

  2. Looks like U3 has some competition.

  3. Hey!! PortableApps_Suite_Standard_1.0.exe have a trojan!!!

  4. Hey!! PortableApps_Suite_Standard_1.0.exe have a trojan!!!

    This is due to a fouled up update in the AVG antivirus program. All PortableApps are virus and trojan free. I have scanned my Port/App files with Ad-aware/Spybot S&D, as well as with Norton, Macafee, Avira and AVG. AVG is the only one to show a trojan, but this IS a FALSE POSITIVE. Because of lacking tech support from AVG, I have uninstalled this useless software. It not only produces false positives, but misses true viruses.

  5. AVG is famous for finding viruses in popular applications. It found a virus even in Google Pack. The best free antivirus is AntiVir, followed by Avast.

  6. Quick question: Do these require an install, or do they run straight off .exes? Typically these kind of things are non installed programs. If they do install, what kind of file sizes are we looking at?


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