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November 6, 2006

Proofs of Google Talk's Integration with orkut

I wrote last week that orkut and Google Talk are about to become friends. Checking the resource files from the last version of Google Talk using Resource Hacker, I've noticed there are already some messages that talk about an orkut integration:

45901, "orkut"
45902, "New feature! Chat with your orkut friends."
45903, "View orkut profile"
45905, "Change how your orkut friends are shared with Google Talk."
45906, "Send scrap"

From the other side, here's an example of mail invitation from orkut.

Your orkut friend, [email], would like to chat with you using Google Talk.

Google Talk is a downloadable Windows application that lets you chat, make free voice calls, and share files with friends inside and outside your orkut network.

Now, it's easy to add your orkut friends to your Google Talk friends list. You'll see their chat availability in orkut, and you can even send scraps (and get scrap notifications) right from Google Talk!

But if you want, you can disable Google Talk's integration with orkut.


  1. All I'm getting in Orkut is Spam from Brazil, none of my friends is using it any more?
    Does anybody still care?


  2. Enable language preferences... and u will be fine

  3. I'm confused. I've been trying to get into Orkut since reading somewhere that Gmail users can now log in, but I'm still getting an "invitation only" message. Is it or ain't it open? And if it's still closed, does anyone have an invitation for lil ol me at "will (_at_)" ?


  4. Some people from India could get into orkut without invitation. I guess it was a limited experiment.

    Oh, and orkut will get much more features soon,

  5. Could someone invite me to orkut? [grawity at gmail dot com]

  6. This integration is great news. And the Brazil spam thing is getting better, as they're making real internationalization, and making possible for receiving only English messages (like 'need v.ia.gra?')

    Of course, what they should really improve in Orkut is the fake spammer profiles.

  7. They finally launched this. Login to and see for yourself. Go under settings. I see online icons for my current friends. cool!

  8. This is a kewl idea to use resource hacker as the proof..There are also some more strings in Gtalk giving an idea of new features watch it out @

  9. I am getting the same problem. I canot join Orkut until I am invited. Can anyone send me an invite?




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