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November 7, 2006

orkut SMS and Photo Tagging

Besides the integration with Google Talk, orkut is about to have other new features. Here's what I found:

orkut SMS

With orkut SMS you can send and receive scraps with your mobile phone as well as other cool stuff. But first you need to register your mobile phone to use orkut.

Photo Tagging

You can tag your friends in photos. To create a photo tag, click and drag the mouse to select a friend.

I don't use orkut, so maybe someone who does could make an educated guess about these new features. Photo tagging might be useful to train a face recognition program, like Riya does, as you can see here.


  1. Spam has reached orkut heavily. Adding SMS seems like hell to me.

  2. From the little I know about FaceBook, being able to tag photos with your friends' names sounds like Google might be trying to compete more with that.

  3. hey, I saw this and, looking at the source of a page, found this:

    if you don't use orkut, here is a screenshot:

    So, it's seen that they didn't announced, but it is working.

  4. This is a kewl idea to use resource hacker as the proof..There are also some more strings in Gtalk giving an idea of new features watch it out @ GOOGLINX


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