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November 16, 2006

Google Universal Search

Latte, a political blog, found in its logs this referrer: As you can guess, this is an internal Google site. The blog is in the top 10 results for the query "Rumsfeld resigns" (albeit with an April Fool's Day prank), so his author thinks the blog is part of a test for a more comprehensive search engine, that will include fresher results like real-time news.

Indexing pages in (almost) real-time is probably the dream of every search engine. Until that's possible, Google might try to merge some of its indexes and create one interface for all the specialized searches. And that could be Google Universal Search.


  1. Check out the first bullet here Ionut:

    Google wants to have an improved infrastructure to make their engineers more productive. This includes allowing employees to have a universal search tool “containing all public Google information searched on all Google searches.”

  2. That page is interesting, but completely off-topic. It refers only to Google's Search Appliance.

  3. I find the results from the updated Google search confusing and ill assorted. I hope that they are not planning to abandon Google scholar (which needs improvement so that reviews of books are not mixed with articles) and Google Book.


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