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November 28, 2006

Opera Mini 3.0 Launched

The new version of the best free mobile browser is out. Opera Mini 3.0 includes a feed reader, makes it easier to share photos, has support for secure connections (SSL) and it's optimized for AJAX web pages. In addition to being slick, fast and easy to use.

You can test it using this Java emulator on your computer or just point your mobile phone to to download it.

Opera Mini does a much better job than Google's transcoding and tries to keep the browsing experience intact, so you'll see a single page instead of multiple smaller pages, most of the time.


  1. Have been using 2.0 on my phone for a while. Best mobile browser I've ever tried

    Nice to see it in new version!

  2. I actually like the GMail Mobile app. But I definitely love Opera Mini and prefer it to IE mobile. IE doesn't cater for AJAX pages as well as Opera Mini does.

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