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November 4, 2006

Flash Earth - Compare Mapping Sites

Flash Earth is a cool site that lets you enter a location and compare the imagery from Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Windows Live Local, Maps and more. The site uses Flash, but it doesn't appear to be using official APIs to load the imagery.


  1. Exciting, I can finally post with my beta account.. Pretty cool find here.. I really like it, In my neighborhood there have been plenty changes in the past 2 years, target was added onto, this one building destroyed, many new stuff built, a ditch built, and a bunch of houses torn down and turned into cheap affordable housing (bleck)..'s map is the only different from the rest.. the rest are what it was like before everything, ask's was a bit different, as you zoomed in, you saw what it looked like when some stuff was done but not the other, but if you zoomed in more, it'd show and even older picture, so its really flawed feeling... my two cents

  2. I like Flash Earth better than Google because it gives you a full screen view plus a variety of photos. I’ve gone back to all the places I’ve been in the world plus a bunch of places I would like to go using it. The only problem is that in “Google maps” if you zoom into a foreign country to close it blocks you out then keeps you blocked from going anywhere.


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