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November 26, 2006

Lyrics Plugin

Good things are simple and come in small packages. If you wanted a plugin for your music player that finds and displays lyrics for your songs, Lyrics Plugin is a good answer. It's free, small (around 60 KB) and available for Winamp and Windows Media Player. You don't have to configure anything, the plugin works well out of the box.

The drawback of this plugin is that the lyrics database is not very big, so you may still find famous songs that don't have lyrics. But it's easy to add them.


  1. This is very useful. I now like music twice. Thanks very much.

  2. Excellent find!

    I haven't had any problem finding lyrics for most of my songs, and I have a few obscure ones :)

  3. yea, nice! thanks!

    but this plugin works with ie...

  4. I use pearlyrics. Best lyrics-finder ever, integrates with iTunes/Google...

    Mac-only though.
    You'll have to find a copy on MacUpdate or VersionTracker.

  5. Wow this is fast! As soon as the song starts in Winamp the lyrics show up. Really amazing.

    Since I have moved to subscription radio (yahoo music engine) I wish this didn't just work for Windows Media Player and therefore the Urge subscription service.

    If anybody knows of a similar service for Yahoo Music Engine let me know.

  6. Evil Lyrics is a great lyrics engine that integrates with many different media players.

    Evil Lyrics

    It has an immense database as well.

  7. Great !
    Any hope for scrolling ?

  8. I think this is better, it supports also itunes, and you can see the video ..
    It works fine for me

  9. I'm pretty late, but I installed it today and it's good. Thanks, again.

  10. I love this plugin and never had any trouble until i moved and went from Cable to Dial up . Now it is very hard to get it to load .

    But hey it's free and it is still in beta v0.3 let's hope V 0.4 will save the lyrics so you don't need to connect to use the program / Plugin

  11. yeah this is very useful. And its working for Hindi songs as well.
    The database gets bigger and bigger as we add more songs

  12. It can not be used on Win 7 - WMP 12 but I still love to use it with XP - WMP 11 :)

    Rate 5+/5 for this contribution, I love music twice too.


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