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November 11, 2006

More Stats in Google Video

Google Video shows even more statistical information about videos. Here's what you can find about a video, by clicking on the arrows next to "all time views":

* the number of views
* the overall rank
* the number of views from yesterday
* yesterday's rank
* how many from the yesterday's views were from emailed videos and from embedded videos
* the rank in the top of emailed videos and embedded videos (for yesterday)
* a chart that shows the number of views from the last week

This is a great exercise in transparency and Google could continue it with a top of emailed videos, embedded videos, a list of external sites that embed and discuss the videos.


  1. I don't understand why "all time views" on Google Videos no longer shows up on some videos. I wish I could get an understanding or explanation from Google Video on why some videos don't show the total number of views it has.

  2. I agree, what the hell is going on. GOOGLE speak up!


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