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November 10, 2006

Making Use of Google Search History

Google Search History records the queries and the search results you've clicked on. How would you use this service?

1. Search History Trends shows you statistical information about your Google searches. For example, you can monitor your daily search activity or see how often you've used Google in July.

2. Google Recommendations is a gadget for your personalized homepage that lists searches, web pages, gadgets, and videos recommended for you, based on your previous searches.

3. Browse the Search History and bookmark interesting sites. Just click on the small star next to the search result.

4. Find how often you search for something.

5. If you know you found a site using a Google search, you can use the Search History to find it again. It's easier because the scope is limited.

6. Use the calendar from Google Search History to see what searches you performed on a certain day. It's like going back in time.

7. How many times did you visit a site from Google search and when was the last time? Enter the address in the search box and you'll see the answers next to the title.

8. Grab a feed that contains your latest Google queries: Note that your feed reader needs to support SSL.

9. If you search for sensitive information or you don't want to include certain queries in Search History, either pause Search History, or remove the sensitive queries and search results.

10. Google Desktop extends the concept of search history to all the websites you visited using your browser. You are able to search it only from your computer by default or from other computers if you enable Search Across Computers.

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