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November 8, 2006

10 Differences Between This Blog and Google's Blogs

1. Google Blog says it's official in the title. This blog says it's "not affiliated with Google".

2. Google's official blogs are written by more than one person. Here, there's only one person who does that.

3. Google's blogs use possessive to show their origin: "Googler insights into product and technology news and our culture".

4. Google's blogs are copyrighted by Google. This blog uses Creative Commons license.

5. Google's blogs don't show ads. This blog used to do that.

6. Every Google blog lists all the official Google blogs.

7. Google's blogs talk only about Google services and products. This blog also talks about competitor's products.

8. Google's blogs don't accept comments. This blog does.

9. Google's blogs don't have posts about yet to be released features or personal opinions about Google products. They don't start a post with: "The latest version of Google Toolbar for IE has a strange new feature: keep Google as the default search engine."

10. Usually Google's official blogs don't talk about a Google Operating System. Basically because it doesn't exist.

Update: If this post seems confusing, a post and some discussion from Google Blogoscoped might be helpful. Also read this disclaimer.


  1. Ionut, I am totally with you on this round !!

    What they have done is unfair- to make it fair they have to stop serving adsense serving to all those other blogs/sites that infringe on their trademark. Else,they should re-instate your adsense serving !!

  2. But you forgot one thing:
    "Usually, Google Official Blogs are not as interesting as 'Google Operating System'"

  3. I was recommended this blog by Google when setting up my Google start page. And your blogging is spotless, you have done nothing wrong.

  4. I agree with beta and in addition, your blog is interesting and full of useful information.

  5. The context of this post (and the disclaimer) is that Google decided to disable AdSense ads for this blog, as the URL "may lead users to believe that [my] site is affiliated with Google".

  6. 11. Google Blog often chooses vague headlines while Google Operating System generally uses descriptive ones.

  7. Hey, I just wanted to say that I'm writing to AdSense folks about this. In my personal opinion, you should be allowed to show AdSense, and I think this was due more to AdSense not realizing who you are.

  8. I'm with you guys. I've known since I started reading that this was unofficial. Some people are just so ignorant.

  9. If Google holds the line on trying to squash this excellent blog - they will insult their very own fan base and make it clearer that they can be evil and fully capable of wielding their new-found power (read $$) to oppress rather than liberate.

    I certainly hope they are not too arrogant to realize their own mistakes. I'm not too loyal to find another search engine.

  10. Welcome to the club. Google DOES go after other AdSense sites with Google trademarks in the domain name. I had to switch away from (it's the name of my book) for that very reason. I was unable to get an exception from Google, even though I faxed in the forms. It was no go, and they're completely within their rights according to the AdSense terms and conditions. I thought it was silly, though, given that my book and blog are big promoters of AdSense, but I guess their lawyers have the upper hand...

    It just seems to take Google a while before they get around to targeting individual sites. They didn't do it to me until the book had been out for about 6 months. It was a real pain. I've only just recovered my PageRank.

  11. Could it possible that Google has replaced Microsoft as the New Borg? Oh heck, we've beat the hell out of Redmond for so many years now, it's become a bore.

    The thing about your excellent blog that I find fascinating is that when Google services subscribers ask Google if your blog is "official" or "unofficial" - Google doesn't even have the courtesy to reply. huh ... that sucks.

  12. Thank you, Matt and Philipp for your help. Thank you everyone for your concern. I owe you.

    Things should be back to normal soon and I don't have to write silly posts like this one.

  13. Just to let you know that I can see Google Ads and Google Link Ads on your blog. I'm viewing it from Australia (Firefox, 6.50pm Aus Eastern DST).

  14. As I written in the previous comment, the problem has been solved (well, almost, as the search box still doesn't work).

  15. Your blog feels like written by a human, while all the row of the Google's Blogs feel like compiled by machines.

  16. I find it sad, and foolish, that Google is trying to shutdown sites about Google, mostly read by people who have a lot to do with Google being as popular as it is, and who are, pardon the phrase and the sexism it represents, Google fan-boys. I never heard of Microsoft trying to shut down any Microsoft websites... perhaps we were better off with the monopoly being situated in Redmond...

  17. This site states that Google gave you Adsense back, so everything's kosher now?

    If so, that's cool enough that they made a decision, reviewed it afterwards, and changed their minds. Big companies with big egos have been known to have worse reactions.

  18. No, actually it's not. Google sent an identical letter last week and disabled the ads today. That's the main reason why I replaced the ads with this childish message written in MS Paint.

  19. Hi Ionut,
    I see that you have now adsense on this blog. How did you manage this?

    Did you had your account enabled back?

    Thank you.


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