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November 30, 2006

Pieces of Google

If you have a screenshot of a Google product taken in a special moment, if you found something interesting at and want to share it with the world, if you have a meaningful photo related to Google, post a link in the comments.

The best photos will be a part of an album that will be available at the end of the year.

* Don't submit copyrighted photos. Your photos will be licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike license, unless you request otherwise. Please remove personal or sensitive information.

Update: 12 pieces of Google.



    Hi, i read your rss-feed all the time through the day,it's great stuff.
    The pic. in the url above, i grabbed half an hour ago ,tonight. It's from the stats-site ( ) that i use for my coop-search engine, iAMIGA.
    Mountain View is the Google HQ, most likely.

  2. I know you have already talk about that... but it's my own experience :-S

  3. Hi, it's me , with the stats-map, again.
    Now i think i know why America looks so unpopulated and strange on my map. the data-feed (an iframe) has stopped working with the IE7 browser, and the browser is an automatic update in America, so everyone gets it, but someone in Google HQ is using the Firefox 2, and i am using Opera myself.

  4. I was searching for tattoo designs when i changed the page and nothing came up. take a look,DMUS:2006-41,DMUS:en&start=63&sa=N

  5. Next time, make a screenshot. We don't have the same Google (different data centers, different time frames), so if you see something strange, make a screenshot oe save the page.

  6. What do i think?
    I think this is a great blog, i still read it.
    I really comment again because i have bought the domain for my search engine, but it won't show up in google, unless i search litterately for "". The searchisland URL will show up all the time and the pages are mostly the same.
    It's not that i think you can help me, i just want to type this new Url:
    beside the old one, here on your blog.
    -Just in in case Google finds this page important.

  7. Thomas, don't post links in the comments to get better rankings because all of them are no-followed (have a rel="nofollow" tag), so Google won't take them into consideration.

    My advice:
    * avoid the duplication. The page from is identical to Try to change one of them or delete the one from googlepages

    * create a real site about Commodore Amiga that offers more than the custom search, because many people will link to the custom search engine hosted by Google

    * get links from other sites that are interested in this topic

    * be patient. Google puts new site into a "sandbox" for a number of months. In this period, you have enough time to build your site.

    I'm not in SEO, so don't take this as a professional advice. Just my experience.

  8. Thank's for the advice. I think i'll take it.
    I have removed most of the contents from the searchisland page.It just links to now.I don't know how to make a redirect page in googlepages, that will be the next step.
    I already have some links from very good Amiga-sites,so that just leaves the contents and the waiting.

    BTW:do you know what a visitor from IP address: is doing??
    I noticed that you are good at hidding info from "stats" yourself, but my stats are in realtime so i guessed.

  9. You can't do a proper redirect in googlepages (you can use JavaScript or META tags, but search engines won't detect it). is a reserved IP. "The address denotes a broadcast on a local hardware network, which must not be forwarded. This address may be used, for example, by hosts that do not know their network number and are asking some server for it."

    I'm not hiding info from "stats". What info and what stats?

  10. "a local hardware network" it's maintainence-time at my stats-site: , then.

    I took another look at the info i think is yours, and it's all there now:

    Visitor detail
    IP address:
    Operating sys.:
    Web browser:

    Recent visits from this user:Mar 30 2007 8:45pm 192.168.x.xx 5 actions 9m

  11. I have some very rare news for you:
    In this poll:
    IAMIGA is actually winning over Google (or Yahoo or the like)
    it's only by 4 points, but it is winning (if we forget that it's a Google COOP engine for bit).

  12. I was searching for tattoo designs when i changed the page and nothing came up.


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