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November 22, 2006

The Network Will Truly Be the Computer

Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, wrote some interesting things in The Economist, and most of his beliefs are reflected in Google's plans.

The internet is much more than a technology—it's a completely different way of organizing our lives. But its success is built on technological superiority: protocols and open standards that are ingenious in their simplicity. Time after time they have trounced rival telecommunications standards that made perfect commercial sense to companies but no practical sense to consumers. (...)

In 2007 we'll witness the increasing dominance of open internet standards. As web access via mobile phones grows, these standards will sweep aside the proprietary protocols promoted by individual companies striving for technical monopoly. Today's desktop software will be overtaken by internet-based services that enable users to choose the document formats, search tools and editing capability that best suit their needs. (...)

Today we live in the clouds. We're moving into the era of "cloud" computing, with information and applications hosted in the diffuse atmosphere of cyberspace rather than on specific processors and silicon racks. The network will truly be the computer. (...)

The lesson is compelling: put simple, intuitive technology in the hands of users and they will create content and share it. The fastest-growing parts of the internet all involve direct human interaction.

Although Google doesn't want to admit they want to beat Microsoft, they bet on Internet's power to beat the desktop monopoly.


  1. Funny, after I read this on your blog, I found this in my feed reader about why they think Google will release an OS in 6 months or so...

  2. Somebody finally agrees with Sun..
    "The network is the computer"
    Wonder what "GOos" would look like

  3. Ubuntu+Google would be too good...
    Though Internet OS wouldn't be bad either.. problem is when you can't get access to Internet.

  4. Google is not the first company having such vision, as more than 10 years ago I heard of similar vision by some industry leaders. However, Google is probably the first one which realize such vision in largest scale with deepest extensions.


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