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November 10, 2006

Mute Annoying Threads in Gmail

Google's Adam Lasnik writes about another new feature in Gmail. If you subscribe to a mailing list and you receive each new message in Gmail, you may run into boring threads that just continue to be boring. Gmail lets you mute these threads, so you still receive new messages but they're automatically archived.

To mute a thread, just type m while reading it. Each muted thread gets the label mute (and also muted), so you can find all your muted threads by searching for label:mute.

Note that this works only for mails that are not sent directly to you, which is the case for mailing lists.

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{ Via Googlified. }


  1. Just pressing the M does not work for me. Also how can I use a filter to apply two labels???

  2. m should work.

    Two labels = two filters :(

  3. Hitting m doesn't work for me too. Also, I wonder why isn't this feature advertised among the new ones and why no button is provided?

  4. You can find details about this feature in Gmail's support center.

    Remember this should work only for mails that weren't sent to you (your address isn't in TO or CC).

  5. I've tested this feature again and IT WORKS.

  6. I also can't seem to make this work.

    Maybe it's a localised thing?

  7. Nope, doesn't work for me and I've verified that my email address is not in any of the address fields.

  8. you guys have to turn on "shortcuts" in settings -> general