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November 20, 2006

Extra Storage for Picasa Web Albums

Chris L. found an option to get more storage in Picasa Web Albums.

* Up to 250GB of storage space in your Picasa Web Albums account.

* 12 months of hassle-free uploading and sharing
No complicated monthly bandwidth limits to keep track of.

Each year, we'll automatically renew your account. But don't worry, we'll always contact you with the option of cancelling before charging your credit card.

You can always use your free Picasa Web Albums account without upgrading.

Choose the amount of storage you want:

6.25GB ($25 per year)
25GB ($100 per year)
100GB ($300 per year)
250GB ($500 per year)

These options seem to be available only for the US users. On the other hand, Yahoo Photos, that has been recently updated, has free unlimited storage and more features than Picasa Web Albums (like tags, ratings, search, photo editing, private albums).


  1. I think picasaweb is still a lab toy. Flickr is THE image web application, for $24 per year, you have unlimited storage (24 Gb per year), with 2 GB of upload limit.

    The Yahoo photo, is storage for future printing. You can't download your photos, nor see them in high resolution.

    As I said before, my vote is for Flickr.

  2. I think the most important feature of a web image album is the way one can browse and view the photos. And Google's PicasaWeb is the best at this. It's fast. It's easy. It's got just as much as you need.

  3. I still love Google! hehehe. - tyarli

  4. And Picasa Web is to be a supplement to the excelent tool Picasa is on the desktop.

  5. offers a better alternative than Flickr or Picasa, they have unlimited storage for $39.00/year, they offer a higher resolution pictures. They are the best in the business. Thanks.

  6. this doesn't bode well for GDrive. If they are going to charge this for photo storage, it doesn't seem plausible that any kind of free "unlimited" storage for regular files is around the corner.

  7. From what I've seen, Smugmug is the best service, although it's not free. The only problem is that it has traffic limitations, if you don't buy Smugmug Professional, which costs $149.95/year.
    But overall, it looks nicer and it has many many features. Even people at Google use it.

    About GDrive. They'll definitely release it. Microsoft will launch Live Drive too. AOL already has XDrive (5GB).

  8. Yeah, those prices are ridiculous. I'll stick with Flickr.

  9. since the time i upgraded my storage to 6gb, i am unable to upload or the upload is so slow, in last 15 days, trying day and night, i could upload only few photos of 2mb, first free 250mb space of photos, i could upload in just a day. when, i try to upload, i get error uploading, try after x minutes, that is the message, i keep getting, i have written to google so far no reply. even two my friends have similar experience, so users before buying extra storage, be careful. regards daya

  10. no matter what, google will always be google and i am not ready to post my pics anywhere but picasa

    i just hope google soon brings in unlimited storage for both picasa and gmail.

    i also hope google brings in support for PDFs even if it is view only.

    but still no matter what... i shall be google forever.

    GOOGLE!!! are you listening? i want unlimited storage for everything.

    it's good for me and also for you. everyone is definately going to shift to your services if you do so...

    ...please do so

  11. google might offer 1 gb free storage but yahoo flicr is offering 100 mb per month that means 1.2 gb per year and 12 gb per 10 years free so u see yahoo much better in photo storage but if you visit i google page you will see 100000 of gadgets for your page for free but yahoo has only 20 to 30


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