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November 13, 2006

Google Earth Promotes Geography Awareness Week

As part of this year's Geography Awareness Week, an event that promotes the importance of geography in the U.S. and Canada, Google Earth includes more interesting layers:

* Rumsey Historical Maps: 16 maps that show different regions of the world between 1680 and 1892. If you want to see more maps from David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, you can visit this site.

* Tracks 4 Africa: roads, points of interests and beautiful pictures from Africa. You can use it to learn more about this continent.

* Spotlight on Africa: flags and information from CIA World Factbook for each African country.

* National Geographic Quiz on Africa: test your Africa IQ, by answering 10 multiple-choice questions. If you can't find this layer in Google Earth, you can add it from here.

* European Space Agency: interesting images of the Earth seen from space.

All these layers and many others can be found in the Layers sidebar, Featured Content section.

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