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November 13, 2006

Google Apps Has a Start Page

As reported in September, Google Apps for Your Domain now includes a personalized homepage, "a central place for your users to preview their inboxes and calendars, access your essential content, and search the web". The page is similar to what you see in Google's IG, except that administrators have more control over the page. They can lock down the left column, provide a list of recommended gadgets and change the logos, colors, and fonts.

For more information about the personalized start page, visit the help center.

Google Apps for Your Domain
Homepage 2.0


  1. Nice to see they are still working on this, I wonder when/if they will start to add other services, such as Docs and Spreadsheets to the list.

  2. I still haven't got the option for this in the control panel of my domains, so I'm stuck in the waiting game... ;)

    I'd also really like to see Docs & Spreadsheet included into the package.

    But I'm also hoping they include Reader and Notebook

  3. Hey this is great news! But I'm not sure if this is available for everyone?

  4. Google help tell that every domain can use this feature.

    But I still not found this option in my domain control panel.

    Ps. I'm already using next-generation

  5. Same here. Nextgen is ON but no startpage option anywhere to be seen.

  6. it's a recognised bug ... try turning your dashboard to standard then back to next-gen. worked for me!

  7. Nice job! I will try!

  8. Google is no longer offering the startpage to new google apps customers who signed up after Dec 1, 2008 according to their help pages. Anyone know why? This service wasn't great but I did use it, was better than just pulling the plug on it, and they must've left many developers in the lurch.

  9. I agree with dougdo, the Start Page wasn't great, but it was really helpful to have it. I just start a new client, and was planning to use this for them. Anyone know how to make a similar alternative?

    I'm looking into the Google Sites, but so far I haven't found the tools there to put together anything like the old Start Page. In particular, I want to have the E-mail, Calendar, and Docs widgets.

  10. Where did it go? is it possible to configure?

  11. Just started an account for my family thinking I could make it really simple for them by using the start page. GONE. :(

    Google Apps is still great, but they did kind of kill a lot of the usefulness (to me at least) when they ditched this.

    Well, please someone let us know if you find a good alternative :)

  12. I am not sure but I figured the startpage was a beta test that they liked and turned into igoogle or for anyone.

  13. You can still create a startpage using the "sites" section of your domain. Just add the stuff there. You can even add most widgets there. However, you can't add some widgets that only work in iGoogle (Latitude is an example.)


  14. (July 2010) For me Start Page is missing on my newly created account but exists on the account created 1 or 2 months ago.
    Weird bug.

  15. Actually it's the opposite, sorry.., the newly created account have it, but the one from 1 month ago doesn't. So probably google puts the start page back


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