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December 1, 2006

Google Good News

Hello and welcome to Google News. Here are the headlines:

* World Peace sparks outpourings of joy. Almost all of the human race were united today in a vast expression of joy in response to the newfound world peace.

* Golden Age back. People leave their doors unlocked. Kids play on the streets. Community spirit back. Crime rate down. Drugs non-existent. Hovis Van drives slowly down cobblestone streets.

* Scientists pack up: "Everything explained". Scientists all round the world today went home for a nice cup of tea after a revolutionary breakthrough explained everything. The new unified theory (NUT) unites science and religion, explains genetics, the origin of the universe, quantum phenomena, and provides the first instant cure for a hangover in human history.

* All music to be free. Record companies are to give away their music. Artists will give free concerts. iPODs to be given to every child at birth.

More details at David McCandless' Goodle Good News, a vision of Google News homepage that will cheer you up.


  1. This is hilarious.

  2. There's also a version containing bad news only:

  3. Google needs some organization: I think a single homepage with the login (like, with multiple users login, photos os the user, and password ( like, but for google). Then, when logged in, a homepage where we could access all my services like mail, calendar, docs, google reader and all otheres.. (again, like, very simple and clean). Google ig is very confusing and slow, and the gadgets are so big and clunky for this porpose. This way i would have a home page that lead me to all my products.

    Also: google needs a better contact management (gmail contacts are so web 1.0), and it would be great to have sync contacts with mac os contacts or vista contacts (like mail has with live messenger). Calendar feeds and sync with iCal for Mac and win vista calendar, so we could have all our info on both web and mac or pc, and then just sync our mobile phone with those. Also add to-do list to calendar. Google reader also needs better integration, it's a great product that doesn't have any integration with others.

    Google talk integration with live messenger, so i can just delete my MSN on my computer, using only google talk. This is very possible to do (look at trillian), and very usefull.

    I don't like, it's clunky and slow, and i really don't like microsoft, but i must say they are doing some good thinks in, wich is a big google enemy. It's everything in one place, and some new products that are just great. I really like they're contact list management, The auto contact update (beta) is also a great ideia. Contacts in gmail and google talk are confusing. I don't know who are many auto-added contacts in my list, and in don't have a easy way to control the contact that will be in my google talk list. Please do this! I need more organization to use google great services. Keep gooing, great work.

    any other suggestion?

    Great blog here ;)

  4. I'm 16, and I wonder if I'm ever going to see a world like that. I'm not talking about the free ipods, but the world piece?

  5. "Drugs non-existent"? That's not much of a utopia to me. Besides, another article on the linked page declares that marijuana is legal. I guess utopia is inconsistent. :)


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