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April 26, 2006


It's spring, everything is growing, having thriving vitality

In this sowing season, Google takes the name Valley (Grain) Song. Using the grain as a song, it is a song of sowing and expectation. It's also a song of harvesting and joy.

We hope that Guge will integrate global information for everybody, so that everyone can have access to it and will benefit.

Welcome to Guge. Let's search for you. Let's harvest for you.

Guge is the new name Google wants to be known in China. Google created a Flash video to illustrate the metaphoric concept of search using harvesting.

We see each website as a voter, voting for one another. All these search results are ranking completely according to the voting, because we believe that everybody is equal in front of the information. Only the information voted by everybody on the internettrustfulable and valuable.

It's surprising to see Google saying "everybody is equal in front of the information" when they are censoring the web search in China. What you can see here is the approximate translation of the Chinese text.

Via Google Blogoscoped.

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