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April 13, 2006

Google Office-In-A-Box Corporate Model

EWeek talks about Google culture and the relation between the success of Google business and the office-in-a-box look and feel of Google Headquarters.

Can technology be used to maintain a corporation's particular work and office culture? Google Vice President of Engineering Douglas Merrill thinks so.

He recently suggested there's indeed a connection between the kind of technology a company stocks its offices with and the company's look and feel to employees.

"We live out loud, and we protect that culture," Merrill said during a recent address to IT execs in Phoenix.

Google's in this mindset to try to capture lightning in a bottle, Merrill said. The company wants offices filled with high-energy, charismatic people disassembling robots, playing with their pets, shooting pool, playing ping pong, or eating lunch at its five-star cafeteria. And it wants everybody talking about the next great idea.

Some say Googler's lifestyle isn't that cheerful, but their products reflect their optimism and good humour.

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