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April 22, 2006

AdSense: Text Referrals, Personalized Search

The new site-flavored search option available in AdSense personalizes web results according to your site's theme. If you have a gardening site and your users search for [apple], the first results will be about the fruit, not about Apple Computers.

Google AdSense also launched text referrals. You can promote using text referrals Google AdWords (you get $20 for the first $100 spent on ads), Google AdSense (you get $100 for the first $100 earned in the first six months) and Firefox (you earn at most $1 for every first Firefox installation on a Windows system). For every product, you have four alternatives of text, generated with JavaScript. It would be nice to embed the text referral in an article like a normal link. I wonder why Google doesn't provide a link you can use to refer the products, for example: It's really that important to control the text of the referral and its formatting?

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