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April 14, 2006

Google Video Ranking

Google Video has a new feature called video ranking that shows the top 100 popular videos. Google Video still doesn't show public statistics for videos, like YouTube, but this is a good start. Google Video Top 100 feels exactly like an MTV Countdown: you have today's position, yesterday's ranking, a thumbnail, a short description of the video and the link to the video.

Currently, the most popular video is a Carlsberg ad for this summer’s Football World Cup: Probably Greatest Pub Team in World, in which Bobby Robson manages a pub football team filled with former England legends, including Bobby Charlton, Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle.

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  1. Does anyone know if there is a way to track at particular video's ratings over time? The top 100 list only gives the current day's rank and the previous days.

  2. How does google rank videos? How do you go about getting your video in the Top 100. Some of those are pretty dumb.

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  5. Well the may be stupid videos but if people click them what do expect!

  6. The new film "Obama Deception" by far topped the list at #1 last night. But today it seems to have been manually removed from the Top 100 list by Google. Strange - I guess they don't want us to see it. Then again, as a private corporation, I guess Google has the right to censor us from:


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