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April 7, 2006

Google Toolbar for Firefox 2.0

Here are 5 features that will make you download the new Google Toolbar for Firefox 2.0, available in 16 languages (including French, Spanish, German, Chinese):

* subscribe to feeds in Google Personalized Homepage, Bloglines, My Yahoo, Newsgator, Pluck and Firefox.

* use Gmail to compose messages, when you click on a mailto: link

* if you like the new search box from Google Toolbar 4.0 (for IE), you can have it for Firefox too: when you type a search query, you will see previous queries, spelling corrections, and suggestions for popular choices

* Google Toolbar integrates the Safe Browsing extension that lets you detect pages that use phishing to get sensitive information from you, such as your credit card number and your PIN.

* if you think it's pointless to have another search box in Firefox, Google has the solution: replace Firefox search box with Google search box. And if you want to devote more space to the page you're browsing, you can hide all the other toolbar options and get just the search box.

Still pending for Google Toolbar for Firefox: integration with Google Accounts, custom searches, custom buttons and bookmarks.

Download Google Toolbar for Firefox (528 KB).

[via Google Blog]

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