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April 21, 2006

eBay Creates Anti-Google Union With Yahoo and Microsoft

eBay held talks with Yahoo and Microsoft about a partnership with Yahoo! and Microsoft to counter-attack Google. "The reality is we work closely with all these companies. We're always talking to them," a spokesman for eBay said to Times.

eBay doesn't like Google Base, an online classified advertising site, that could compete with eBay's core business and Google Talk, a minimalist VOIP client that has the potential to become a threat to Skype, the market leader in VOIP telephony, owned by eBay. But probably the biggest threat for eBay is GBuy, Google's Internet payment service, that will launch soon and will compete with PayPal. "For the last nine months, Google has recruited online retailers to test GBuy, according to one person briefed on the service. GBuy will feature an icon posted alongside the paid-search ads of merchants, which Google hopes will tempt consumers to click on the ads, says this person. GBuy will also let consumers store their credit-card information on Google." an article from wall Street Journal informed three months ago.


  1. We LOVE GOOGLE!!!
    We never let Bill`s Ass 2 sit on our favorite company! GOOGLERS all over the world - respect!

  2. Why store your credit card data on google? Will google allow paypal? lol

  3. Well, Google is coming up with all sorts of services and products. Looks as if it does not want any competitors to stand in front of him.

    It is good that Google has been offering so much goodies. We all have trust in Google..

    But what about a site that has openly raised sword against Google. Will have to say that this is definitely a bold move.

    I am not totally in support of the site but it is a good step to say your concerns.Perhaps these webmasters have suffered because of "possible Google manipulations".. Worth visiting because I found some serious "behind the scenes" information about Google..I am a bit skeptical about Google now..

  4. From that site:
    "Search Engines are not striking a balance between their editorial and paid listings.

    The Search Engine results are not the same anymore. The search results are full of spam and irrelevant sites."

    I don't think they talk about Google, that visually delimits the ads and the organic results.

    Spam is a big problem, but Google does a better job at ranking spam sites even for sensitive keywords.

    I read some of the articles from that site, and I couldn't find something worth mentioning here. Just some spammers whining about being unlisted from Google. People should know that Google doesn't have the obligation to include any site in their index. It's in Google's best interest to have a comprehensive index.

  5. Google is like the 3rd Reich. If we keep them going like that, we all gonna lose.
    You really want to say "Heil Google" ?
    Think about it !!

  6. Um.. I love google and hate Ebay. There's a new auction site up now that was created specifically to give people a place to buy and sell items without all the ridiculous ebay fees.


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