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April 9, 2006

Google Acquires Orion - Referential Search Engine

Ori Allon, an Israeli PhD student from the University of New South Wales, developed a new type of search engine, called Orion, that finds pages where the content is about a topic strongly related to the keyword. The university patented this invention last year.

"The results to the query are displayed immediately in the form of expanded text extracts, giving you the relevant information without having to go the website - although you still have that option if you wish" explained Ori Allon. "Take a search such as the American Revolution as an example of how the system works. Orion would bring up results with extracts containing this phrase. But it would also give results for American History, George Washington, American Revolutionary War, Declaration of Independence, Boston Tea Party and more. You obtain much more valuable information from every search."

Haaretz, an important Israeli newspaper, informs that Google hired Ori Allon and acquired the technology from the University of New South Wales, that also negotiated with Microsoft and Yahoo.

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  1. So what's the whole locomotion about - is it a co-occurrence based method, or semantic similarity based one, or else? Or is it so secret and obscure that the guy has never published a single paper and the point of the fuss is to inflate Google's stock even further?


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