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April 28, 2006

Sitemaps Shows Google Penalties For Your Site

Now that everyone can use Google Sitemaps, Google decided to transform Sitemaps into webmaster's corner. Matt Cutts informs that webmasters who use Sitemaps will get detailed information about penalties for their site. If your site doesn't follow Google's guidelines and uses hidden text, cloaking, doorway pages or sneaky redirects, it may be removed from the index. If you use Google Sitemaps, Google will confirm the penalty and offer you a reinclusion request specifically for that site.

Not everyone will get information about Google's penalties.

If the webspam team detects a spammer that is creating dozens or hundreds of sites with doorway pages followed by a sneaky redirect, there’s no reason that we’d want the spammer to realize that we’d caught those pages. So Google clearly shouldn’t contact every site that is penalized–it would tip off spammers that they’d been caught, and then the spammers would start over and try to be sneakier next time.


  1. Nice tips, thanks for share:)

  2. Thank you. I'll try sitemaps, but what about dynamic sites with often changing content? I put more info on my web-page every day, so do I have to update the site map after every time I change content or put some other content on the web site?


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