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April 29, 2006

Yahoo Mail Beta vs. Gmail

Google Operating System got Yahoo Mail out of beta for thousands of Yahoo users. Their opinions aren't too favorable to the new webmail application.

"I tried the new Yahoo Mail Beta and is horrible slow, with bloated interface, obtrusive ads, I much prefer Gmail which is elegant, simple, fast, and more importantly it does not get in your way."

"I prefer Yahoo Beta to the folderless Gmail structure. "

"I agree with everyone about slowness. Even more to the point is its freakish desire to emulate a basic software email client. I don't want that for my webmail. That's why Gmail is brilliant, it's webmail and it's not like an average client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)."

"Wow. Yahoo has had Oddpost for 2 years now and after the long wait, we get this? This is very disapointing. The user interface looks like a bad version of Outlook Express. Gmail and Google Calendar eats Yahoo's lunch..AND dinner."

You are free to try Yahoo Mail Beta and tell what you think.

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  1. lol the new yahoo! mail also gives u 3.5GB of storage :D

    i still prefer to use windows live mail cos it can be accessed through outlook :)

  2. It looks like the live mail...

  3. Wow! You users apparently don't have Yahoo! Mail Plus. There are no ads, the interface loads extremely fast and you get just as much, if not more storage than gmail. I can't go on enough about the new Yahoo Mail... it simply kicks Gmail's butt. The keyboard shortcuts are more intuitive, you can use alt (shift+alt) to move between fields, and the built in RSS reader is superb.

  4. Gmail is the way to go. Yahoo Beta or any other web mail is so far behind Gmail that it is not funny. Gmail offers a friendly user interface, and so many other features that it is miles ahead of every other web mail applications. I believe Google is doing a service to mankind.

  5. Gmail is a barren wasteland. Horrible interface and no folders or preview pane. Not to mention how they search through your email to display ads. No thanks google.

  6. Yahoo is slow and full of ads. I prefer to use outlook so that solves the 'folder' problems with gmail...and you can't use outlook with yahoo unless you PAY for Yahoo Plus.

  7. I prefer to use outlook for my mail...which doesn't work with Yahoo unless you pay for Yahoo Plus. Outlook solves the no folder problem with gmail. Yahoo is full of adds and is very slow. Yahoo is also full of spammers too.

  8. I like the yahoo mail beta,

    the look is much more better,
    i find google's look boring and drab. makes me not want to use it.

    i admit, i noticed that it was rather on the slow side, but i'm willing to deal with it because of the "built in" IM on the same page[or as i like to call it],
    no more moving from one window to the next:)

    the ads? i don't even bother to look at them, and it doesn't slow me i have no problem with it. i could really care less. . sorta. ^^ as long as it's not super huge, i'm fine.

    i can't think of anything else to add, but just in my opinion,
    younger people will probably like the yahoo beta better, but who knows. ^^

  9. Hello Mr. Yahoo can you please tell me why is it not possible to offer Free permanent account than three months closure if not checked.
    I have been using yahoo for 7yrs and I plan switching over to gmail since gmail is everlasting account.
    I have a gmail account which I could not check for 8months when checked surprisingly all my content in the gmail was intact not a single sturf was missing.
    Also your new key commands like m,n,r,p are not 100% efficient. if i press n button and decide to press m does not work.

    Hello Mr. Gmail why dont you accept .exe files, why do you have to turn a mail with such file failure but can accept it as draft....if such file is zip then it is acceptable...why not run 24hrs virus scan of all delivery mail than blocking all .exe files.
    Gmail I need your answer!!!

  10. I've not been able to check my mail on yahoo mail beta. its simply damn slow... or should i say its never worked anytime i'm checking my mail.

    if u ask me, new yahoo has a cool interface. very attractive. But its simply not working. YAHOO, please do something. Gmail has overtaken u by far. responding to what someone commented earlier on about yahoo mail plus... if yahoo mail plus is cool, then wait till u see gmail plus. lol

    gmail is simple and cool and offers a lot more. something!!!

  11. I agree with the whole "the new Yahoo Mail Beta is slow" thing. It defintely is slow...or maybe 'cause it's in beta, I don't know.

    I've used GMail once before. The interface is very confusing mainly 'cause there's so much stuff on it. Plus it is pretty bland...Google needs to spruce it up quite a bit.

    As for Yahoo Mail, what the hell is up with paying for added attachment space, among other things? Yahoo, by far, seems to have the least attachment space out of the big 3 (Windows Mail doesn't count, in my opinion).

    Why hasn't GMail jumped onto the unlimited storage bandwagon already? Geez. Yahoo and AIM have done it, why not you?

    I've been using AIM for the longest time and it seems to mysteriously allow more than its allowable 16MB attachment space. Very weird, but kool anyways. Plus, it doesn't have as much ads as Yahoo or blandness as GMail...and it's actually pretty damn fast. Go figure.

  12. Maybe Yahoo's too "slow" because your machine is ancient. Poor you.

  13. Yahoo sends its users SPAM in their mailbox. I don't like it. I am thinking about switching from Yahoo to gmail. Gmail also has a free POP acces from any mail client. Whereas, Yahoo you have to pay or download free software (POPs!) to check your mail.

  14. Gmail is da bomb! yahoo's ok. hotmail sucks!

  15. The new Yahoo mail is very dissapointing.. I truly expected more from Yahoo... it's slow and chronic problems with attachments.. Insult to injury - I had to install the beta when the window popped up upon sign-in and wasnt given a choice! (which really sucks..) After endless mining in the 'help' section, I was finally able to request it to be returned to 'classic' mail - which the automated response states - 'it will take two days.. we'll see.. Fortunately, I still have a gmail account so I can send and receive emails with attachments.. What a nightmare!

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